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"WWC-3" gets an E-Sports Mode

As we know that in today's gaming world if any game wants to survive then it should have E-Sports in its game to give opportunities to players and the same thing, India's famous android/ios cricket game i.e., World Cricket Championship-3 have done. They are introducing an ‘Esports Lobby’ it allows users to host tournaments both professional and casual. Users can spectate matches from multiple camera angles and Shoutcast as well.

Next Wave CEO and co-founder PR Rajendran told a statement -"Given the exponential growth of esports in the country in the past few years and many requests from our fans, we thought it would be an opportune moment to launch the ‘Esports Lobby’. With the newest update, we want to add value to the esports ecosystem with WCC3."

The "Next Wave" also states that

  1. The latest update brings custom difficulty settings, the ability to assign bowling actions alongside seven new bowling actions, new cutscenes, challenge a friend mode, and the ability to capture highlights to name a few.

  2. New cut scenes and full camera control to capture highlights have been added too.

Well but it's a nice move to attract more players by introducing E-Sports in their game, many sponsors shall come forward to host tournaments and give opportunities to players and E-Sports organisations.