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Watch Dogs Legion Online adds two more profession.

Watch dogs has expanded its free roaming platform to let players play online. I t also adds two new profession and a new DLC character.

Watch Dogs Legion is getting its first big update tomorrow, May 4, and Ubisoft has put out a trailer showing what's included. The game's online modes, which Reviewers "profoundly disappointing", is set to expand with three new co-op missions, five assignments and two gadgets, while the season pass will soon be available with a new mission set in a museum, and a superpowered hero who can be played either in single-player or in online modes.

Mina Sidhu appears to have supernatural powers. Either that or really advanced hacking technology. The trailer shows her mind-controlling enemies, and using psychic blasts to stun them.

New character customisation options are coming to the base game in the update, including hair and body art customisation, while two new character types will soon be available in open world scenario. Here you can also play as a DJ, doing DJ jobs like buffing pals and sending out shockwaves of energy.