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Upcoming skins of car, bag and parachute in upcoming OB-27 update | FREE FIRE

Free fire in OB-26 update as we know that bought a huge update by introducing a lot of things in the game like Vending Machine, UAV-Lite, Revival Card, and much more. Similarly,

OB-27 is about to (i.e., patch update) release within 25-30 days. This article will share everything about Free Fire’s (FF) OB27 update so far.

OB-27 release date

The update is expected to get released on 15th April, but there is no official announcement done by the officials as of now but if you are an old player then you may know when the update is about to come by the gold royale date.


Pickup truck

The oldest vehicle of free fire that carry upto 2 players:-

Monster Truck

Appears as an airdrop with high HP and can carry upto 4 players

Sports Car

Stylish car with low HP and can carry upto 2 players


Sports Bike


So these are the total skins coming in OB-27 update and as we know some of them will be free some of them may come in elite pass and some may come in top up event. But till now we haven't updated you about the gun skins and changes in attributes because this article may go more long and you may get bored.

So stay tuned with us for more further updates like this. jai Hind! and keep clashing