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Ujjwal Aka Techno Gamerz has Crossed 15M+ Subscribers on YouTube becoming 2nd Most Subscribed Gamer

Ujjwal who started Uploading GTA-5 Story Videos during the pandemic boosted his channel 1000x in the history of Youtube Gaming and the Indian Gaming Industry.

Running 2 successful channel is not an Easy Task especially when you are at the age of 18.
But Ujjwal has Managed Both Channel and his 2nd Channel - Techno Gamerz has Over a Massive amount of 15 Million Subscribers. He is Currently 2nd Largest Gaming Creator in India After Total Gaming .
Big Creators like Maxtern and Slay Point has Congratulated him for his Massive Achivement.

Each video is filled with humorous anecdotes of real-life situations and has tickled over 350 Million views in 2020 itself, expanding to games like Minecraft, Hitman 2 and Resident Evil 3 brought him 1 Million subscribers in March 2020

We wanted to Collaborate with TG but due to his large fan Following, We Couldn't Reach up to him. If You can share This Post on Your IG and Twitter and Tag Techno Gamerz. we would definitely Collaborate and will Interview some questions which are in Minds of Most of The People.

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