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"SUPERCELL" bringing three new clash games: Clash quest, Clash Mini, Clash Heroes

A piece of very good news for the clash gamers i.e., Clash Royale and Clash of Clans fans because yesterday the developer team announced not one nor two but 3, yes a total of 3 new games Clash Quest, Clash Mini, Clash Heroes.

Clash Quest is being developed at Supercell in Helsinki, the other two games are being developed at Supercell's newer outpost, in Shanghai.

Clash Mini

Clash Mini is a strategic board game basically in this game players have to position their characters and the rest characters shall do by fighting or clashing against each other just like the clash royale game.

The characters would be known as miniatures and the miniatures or the characters shall be from Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. Players shall have to place their characters on the board and the game also has a sort of elixir bar for mini troops with is very similar to Clash Royale.

Clash Heroes

Clash Heroes is an action RPG that sees players taking control of recognisable heroes from the series and fighting their way through different levels. You have to just take your favorite Clash characters to undiscovered lands, complete epic quests, and become legendary Clash Heroes!

You will have to just assemble a team of diverse characters and set out on a journey to the world of the clash. They can also be tackled with friends through online multiplayer to make use of the different abilities at each hero's disposal.

Clash Quest

Clash Quest is a tactical, adventurous, island hopping, turned-based strategy game. It will see players battling against a series of preset defenses or bosses and trying to bring them down.

Players may see familiar characters as well such as the Barbarian, the prince, Archers, and giants. And the way that the troops work is similar to what you’ve seen in Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.

There shall be various items with various effects available that will begin when certain conditions are met. You start with a certain amount of troops as your army, and if you run out of troops, you’ve lost the match.

More About the clash games
The dates are not fixed yet when they shall get released.
They stated, “With your feedback, we think these three can become the great games that Clash fans deserve. If they don’t meet the standards though, we’ll kill them and move on to other attempts.”

They also stated that after the release the 3 games look quite different as shown in the video or early phase (beta version) as the development team progresses.

You may register for the 3 games or for early access from Clash.com