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Sony to offer internal storage upgrades for their PS5 console starting this summer

Since the PS5 came out one of the few challenges faced by those who've been lucky enough to get hold of one such example has been storage space. The console is advertised with 825GB of internal storage but after the OS is installed, only 670GB of storage is actually left for users to make use of.

Games like Call of Duty : Warzone or God of War really eat up a lot of space which makes even 670 gigs of usable storage look like peanuts worth of storage. Players are really furious as there is no option for upgrading storage in the PS 5 as of now whereas the PS 4 Pro has the option of expanding internal storage to 2 TB.

This situation might change soon, though - Bloomberg has reported that a firmware update to allow for SSD expansion is coming this summer, which will be music to the ears of many gamers.

Interestingly, the report also says that the firmware update will unlock new fan settings for the PS5 to let it cool that added drive - that sounds entirely logical. Hopefully the update is not too far away in the future and is rolled out to the users as soon as possible!