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Shall "Undawn" be get launched in India also?

As we know that Garena and Tencent are working on their new game i.e., Undawn and it will be getting launched at the end of the year and as we know that it's an AAA game, so it will be good in graphics, sound quality, and available for both PC and mobile players but it will be getting launched in Southeast Asia and Taiwan only so why not in India?

  1. The publisher Garena is based in Singapore, which is not associated with mainland China but we know that Tencent is also developing this game so there might some difficulties while launching the game and doing the paperwork for registering it.

  2. Another thing to note is that Garena’s Free Fire game has been available in the Indian Playstore from the start, so the same could potentially apply to Undawn.

Let's hope for the best because if this game comes to our country then there will be a huge boost given to our gaming industry and E-sports industry.