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PUBG Mobile may get launched by the name Battlegrounds Mobile India

Good News!! for PUBG fans, Krafton may re-launch the game as Battlegrounds Mobile India according to recent leaks by data miners.

Leaks by Dataminers

  • Instagram account Gemwire suggests that Battlegrounds Mobile India could be the name for PUBG Mobile in India.

  • AFK Gaming unearthed several Battlegrounds Mobile India domains that are owned by Krafton.


  • Krafton donated Rs 1.5 crores to PM Cares Fund.

  • Krafton is hiring employees in India.

  • They are investing in esports in India, though it may be too late for the esports industry.

Krafton prefers to pass messages onto its influencers and YouTubers — exerting a degree of control it wouldn’t normally have if it were to be in direct contact with the gaming community or the media at large. At the same time, it gives the company plausible deniability all while having Indians think that it can do no wrong.

But the damage has been done already done.

At last, the government will only decide what to do, and whatever they shall do it will be for the good sake of their people.