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Overwatch's new Mei skin draws criticism

Mei skin is widely criticized for cultural misappropriation and The MM-Mei skin also has the Chinese hero sporting a Black hairstyle.

The MMA-inspired skin MM-Mei appeared on the Overwatch League store yesterday, sporting a fighter's robe, gloves, and championship belt. But it also gives Mei—a Chinese hero—cornrows but a traditionally Black hairstyle.

The inspiration for the hairstyle appears to have come from Zhang Weili, a Chinese MMA fighter who wears her hair in a similar style. Tight braids are common amongst MMA fighters with longer hair, but cornrows are typically not worn by fighters who are not Black.

The hairstyle has drawn criticism from players, who pointed out that there are many other MMA-inspired hairstyles to draw from. As well as the issues around cultural appropriation, the fact that a Black hairstyle has made its way into the game before a Black female hero has been a point of criticism