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Meet new Hero Pets in "COC"

Remember when Supercell posted that April Fools’ Day prank about ClashPetZ? Turns out it wasn’t a complete joke after all. Today Clash Of Clans official posted a video that was about Hero Pets, well the April fool video came to be true they haven't fooled us.

  1. It would be a kind of unit in Clash of Clans, as the siege barracks.

  2. It would be available when your Village is upgraded to Town Hall 14.

  3. The four Hero Pets are-

  • L.A.S.S.I, a mechanical dog-like pet

  • Electro Owl, a superconductive bird of prey

  • Mighty Yak a menacing monstrosity

  • Unicorn, a prancing healing pony.

Here is the image and upgrade information of the pet house

Moving on to the pets ability and all type of certain things


  1. Available at Pet House Level 1.

  2. Jump over Walls to bite anything within 2.5 tiles of the Hero it is assigned to.

  3. It would have a lot of hitpoints to distract the defenses towards himself.

Electro Owl

  • Available at Pet House Level 2 and we actually got our first glimpse of the Electro Owl in the April Fools’ Day prank video.

  • High Voltage ability i.e., shoots a ranged lightning attack that chains and bounces once to a nearby target, like an electro dragon.

  • The Electro Owl will focus on the same troop or building as the Hero’s target.

Mighty Yak

  1. Available at Pet House Level 3.

  2. Its ability is to pave a path through any walls that stand in its way.


  • Available at Pet House Level 4

  • The Unicorn is a personal healer for the assigned Hero.

  • The Personal Healer's ability regenerates health for the healer over time.

Points to note
All four Heroes can have a pet assigned to them; however, only one pet can be assigned to each hero at a time.