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Marvel's Avengers Spider-Man DLC now releasing in mid-to-late 2021

Marvel's Avengers' PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man DLC has been delayed. While the release date may not be confirmed but it might take more time than predicted.

While speaking to IGN Studio head Scot Amos of developer Crystal Dynamics recently said that Black Panther extension of marvel's another superhero based avengers game will be released earlier than the much anticipated DLC. "There are people working on Spider-Man" Amos affirmed, "and we still fully expect Spider-Man to come to PlayStation."

Spider-Man was first announced as an exclusive DLC character way back in August 2020, and he was originally scheduled to arrive in early 2021. However, the web-slinging hero isn't on the game's newly updated roadmap, which was recently updated with the release of the Black Panther Wakanda expansion. Black Panther is slated for "summer and beyond," and with Spider-Man coming sometime after him, there's no telling when of our much beloved web slinger will make his Avengers debut in-game, though it could be as late as this fall or winter.