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Lenovo creates the best gaming phone in the market!

Today, Lenovo announces its new flagship gaming phone, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2.

The successor to the legion phone lineup, the legion phone duel 2 is nothing but an absolute gamming beast, with ranging maximum to 18 gb!. This one of the first mobile phone to have this amount of ram storage, although it is susceptible about the real time usage of this storage.

It claims to have " world's first twin turbo-fan cooling and intuitive octa-trigger controls". It also brings back the unconventional popup camera. It even supports 90 watts fast chargers. It is world's first gamming phone with twin port for charging.

If plugged once at a time, it does 45 w to splitted halves of the battery. All the crucial components are located at the center of the headset, away from the places where the fingers touches while gamming. It greatly avoids discomfort caused by heating while gamming. With a fan attached to it for enhanced cooling.

With the number of mobile gamers increasing to over 2.6 billion last year3 and projected to grow in popularity, mobile gaming has entered into a golden era and lenovo might steal the crown of gamming headset with this beast.