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Hitman will kill a Politician !

The contract is live until May 3. Agent 47 you have the last chance

Of all the videogames with killing at their core, no other makes the gruesome task more satisfying than Hitman 3. As if the prospect of blowing someone up with a golf ball or poisoning them was not enough. Developers makes sure that you know your target really deserves what's coming to them. Guess what, the politician deserves it.

In the crosshairs this time is Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating, New Zealand's former Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs and overall rich person. Keating is on a comeback PR tour after being forced to resign from the office for embezzling money from her charity. She then manipulated the tabloids to shift the blame onto her charity's director, whom she promptly had killed (and covered up as a suicide). This is actually the second time Keating has been Hitman's elusive target. Players had their first chance to take her down back in 2019.

Keating has a body double, and the resemblance is uncanny. They're literally the same character model. This is an elusive target, so you only get the one shot. There are few places to hide and even fewer opportunities to take out the target's bodyguards without causing a ruckus.