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GTA-VI is going to be way bigger than Anticipated

As the new patch has been updated to GTA V online mode. Rumors have been circulating for GTA VI . New patent leaks from rockstar, the game's parent company two-take interactive has been making its way in the gaming community.

The new leak in Reddit suggests a new AI technology for interactive characters in GTA-VI NPCs. As expected Rockstar Games has left no stone un-turned for making the game as advanced and modern as possible.

As this reddit post suggests this new patent allows NPCs to interact with each other using AI.

The last generation NPCs would avoid the playable characters but this new technology might allow them not only react to the actions but also adapt to the behavior and situation according to the action of the main character as a whole.

As the voice actor for GTA Jorge Cosenjo himself leaked working for GTA-VI in his resume

although he later deleted this from his resume. This has started a whole lot of rumors for the upcoming grand theft auto game. Although nothing has been announced yet we can surely conclude that GTA-VI is very much in the making.