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"Genshin Impact" the fastest mobile game to make $1 Billion in revenue

The popular RPG has surpassed Pokemon Go and Clash Royale in record time with its billion-dollar feat and it got to the $1 billion marks 3 times faster than PUBG Mobile.

Studio miHoYo's popular and free RPG Genshin Impact is one of the fastest games to reach $1 billion in revenue. The data was given by sensor tower after analyzing and compiling the results received by Google Play Store and IOS app store.

It took half a year/6month time to generate this much revenue from player purchases, they broke the record held by Pokemon GO it took 9 months for them to collect $1 billion.

They became so successful just because of the new events, features, and characters in the game.

Some interesting data were revealed that it is in the top three amongst top generating revenue gameplay.

Hu Tao’s introduction saw player spending rise to close to $13 million in a single day on March 2nd. Xiao’s appearance saw revenue rising to $15 million on February 3rd, far more than its average of $5.8 million since launch, Sensor Tower stated.

Genshin Impact won the most prestigious reward i.e., Apple’s App Store Game of the Year Award 2020 and the TapTap 2020 Game of the Year Award.

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