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Garena Free Fire banned a total of 10lac+ ids

Yesterday, Garena posted an image about id bans just because of hacking, "Here's an update for all of our players! In the last two weeks, the total accounts we've banned amounted to 1,172,526. Out of all the accounts, 58% were reported by players.

We've also adjusted anti-hack measures and optimized our detection methods for a better gaming experience! Continue to play fairly and keep the game fun for all."

  1. Garena banned a total of 10lac+ ids for hacking.

  2. By this action, the game will be more hacker-free but as we know that after every patch updates and new rank season hackers increase for rank push, but Garena is regulating hackers so now fewer hackers are coming now.

  3. As we know that in E-Sports also hackers were coming but now there are hacker-free tournaments organized by Garena i.e., by banning all the hackers.

  4. With the number of users growing every day, the devs and players are facing obstacles in the form of cheaters. To counter this problem, Garena has set up an anti-cheat system that detects cheating software and bans the players who are using it instantly.

  5. The developers have also taken the help of the player base to counter this issue in the form of player reports

Here is a detailed account of the percentage of hacking software used by Free Fire players in the last two weeks

  1. Auto-aim (74.7 %): Automatically switches the aim of the attacking player on the opponent.

  2. Teleport (9.8%): Allows players to teleport to any location on the map at will, thus providing them an unfair advantage.

  3. Through the walls (7.1%): Allows players to damage enemies through obstacles such as walls, trees, etc.

  4. Antenna (0.4%): This cheat allows players to see the position of all the enemies on the map.

  5. Others (8%): Miscellaneous hacks and cheats.

Along with this report, Garena Free Fire stated that they had updated the detection methods. They continue to closely monitor hackers to provide a safe and fair gaming environment to legitimate players..