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As we know that today was finals of FFIC and team "GALAXY RACER" won with 75lac INR (prize money) and a total of 12 teams participated in FFIC, and the runner up was team "LAST

BREATH" and now these two teams will represent India in FFWS which will be held in month of may from 22nd-29th may. Let's hope that these two teams perform well in FFWS.

There were a total of 2lac+ viewers watching FFIC and first milestone i.e., diamond royale voucher was achieved very easily and players may redeem the prize on ff.garena.com by typing the redeem code in the given box ,this is the redeem code {"FFIC DCTS L5FT"} you may redeem it as soon as possible or it will get expired by 12am.

This is the point table of the whole match match where we can see galaxy racer capturing the topmost position.

So stay tuned with us for more updates and leaks.