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"Free Fire" Holi milestone achieved, but where's the prize??

As we know that Free Fire gave us a milestone i.e., to make their video view 2 crore views in 1 week to receive exclusive rewards, and we have completed the mission within some 3-4 days but Garena promised us that the rewards will be directly sent to our in-game mail to the whole Indian server, Garena-"Make the video reach 2 crore views in 1 week to receive exclusive rewards for everyone on the server! (The reward will be sent to everyone's in-game mail once the milestone is reached) So what are you waiting for? Start sharing and win rewards! 🤩 ".

But now they are saying that it will be get redeemed by the redeem code which is provided in "DNA me dance" MV's comment and that we have to redeem it from their website- ff.rewards.garena.com. and the redeem code provided by Garena for claiming the prizes is SARG886AV5GR. Redeem it fast because the code is valid till 10th April '2021 after that you won't be able to claim the prize.