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Fortnite crew offers permanent access to save the world!

Although battle royale is has always been popular from save the world counterpart, mainly because it is paid map. But need not worry fortnite crew got you covered.

Epic revealed the new skin and cosmetics coming with Fortnite crew's main edition yesterday, showing off cool red-skulled bad boy Deimos and a host of themed weapons, loading screens and assorted goodies. And silently dropped this month's offerings is full access to the original base-building loot 'em up survival mode, Save The World.

It's little underwhelming to see Save The World relegated to an extra goodie below the latest battle pass and above 3 months of Spotify premium.

The new bundle goes live on Friday, April 30th. they might not repeat this offer going forward, you'll have a whole month to avail Save The World mode and take a strange trip into Fortnite.