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Finally, X-BOX Fridge is Coming Soon | Read More:

Yeah, This is Not a Lie. X-box is Actually Working to build a gaming Fridge for Gamers out their.
Xbox won Twitter's #BestOfTweet Brand Bracket Championship after promising to make Xbox Series X Mini Fridges available for the public. For the record, Skittles promised to bring back their lime flavor if they won.

microsoft xbox unboxing review. It was meme but after twitter best of tweet choice award x box officially confirmed that they will launch a big xbox fridge soon which will be available to buy.
Microsoft X Box Fridge Unboxing

Microsoft actually did it. They embraced the memes and made a life-sized Xbox Series X fridge that stays nice and chilly.

First Microsoft embraced the Halo: Infinite Craig meme. Now they're having some fun with the Xbox Series X's fridge meme.

Microsoft actually created an Xbox Series X fridge, and like the shoe-boxed shape console, it's absolutely gigantic. The hilarious fridge is an exact scale replica of the new next-gen Xbox Series X, complete with front and back ports and an Xbox logo that actually lights up when it's plugged in. The fridge even makes the signature Xbox Series X boot-up sound as you open the door.

The fridge came in a box resembling the Series X's retail case--and it was so big that YouTuber iJustine couldn't shut her garage door. Microsoft made three Series X fridge replicas just for the lulz, and it's definitely a nice touch to help the console's marketing push for the November launch.
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