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Cyberpunk's sequel or just DLC?

Cloudpunk, the taxi noir game that is often referred as best cyberpunk gamed, is receiving an expansion that its developers describe as "sequel-sized," featuring a fully voiced campaign that "is even longer than the base game."

The City of ghosts DLC casts players as the original game's Rania as well as a new character called Hayse. Although its a spinoff, here two characters' stories intersect, as Rania gets chased down for old debts, eventually by a "homicidal, chimeric cyborg," while gambler and boozehound Hayse has his own Financial problems.

New areas and new characters will be added to Cloudpunk's Novalis setting, as well as the ability to compete in street races. While the original included vehicle customisation, this expands in the DLC to "every aspect of your HOVA craft the perfect racing vehicle." The DLC campaign will also have multiple endings depending choice of the player through its story.

“Going back to Nivalis has been a thrill,” says Marko Dieckmann, Ion Lands' studio head. “It might be a DLC, but City of Ghosts has a sequel’s worth of content. It’s a darker, tenser, more complex story, and we can’t wait for people to experience it.”