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"COD Warzone" Players demand the old and original Gulag

As we all know the COD Warzone released their new/redesigned map last week, but many of the players are demanding the battle royale's oldest features – the original Gulag.

After the release of the new map many popular posts popped up in r/Warzone and r/CODWarzone communities and many comments were there just asking and demanding the old Gulag. Many memes were posted regarding the old Gulag.

Iceolator88 wrote, "The real gulag must be like shower and only with a knife and a handgun! The new one looks like a MP map.... dumb devs!".

T7MMU 1 raised a question by posting it in r/CODWarzone, "Is the reskinned map good enough to warrant not getting a new map?". Many of them said yes.

No matter the fan response, it seems unlikely right now that the original Gulag map will return after associate creative director Amos Hodge said the original Verdansk map will never be used again in Warzone. Gulag Showers could well be seen as a part of that original map set-up and, with Raven seemingly prioritizing new ideas, Showers might be deemed surplus to requirements too.

So let's see what happens now but the decision will be in favor of players only.