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"COC" gave hint for TH-14

Today there was a maintenance update of around 40-60min and then after the maintenance update, 2 events came. The first event is "Hammer Jack" i.e., in this event, there is a 50% Home Village cost reduction in the home village and there's a second event with the name "The Last Town Hall 13 Challenge" we have to clear a village provided by "COC", and as we can see that there's a new type of building and we also know that every time after 18 months "COC" brings some new update in summertime i.e., summer events in the month of June and July and this time there's the possibility that TH-14 may come and this building assures that it may come, so let's see whether this update is right or wrong?

This is the village provided by COC and you have to take 3 stars for some rewards. If you comment us to provide you the best strategy for how to take 3 stars then we will provide you.

In the video also we can see that builder was upgrading the town hall so there's a high chance that there shall be th14 in the summer update.