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Call of duty will return to world war to this year.

'Vanguard' is apparently going to be Sledgehammer's follow-up to Call Of Duty: WW2

Call Of Duty may be returning to World War 2 in this year's game, which is reportedly being developed by COD: WW2 creator Sledgehammer. That's according to supposed leaks revealed earlier this month by Call Of Duty fansite.

While Modern Warzone reports that the title 'Vanguard' will be changed closer to release, Eurogamer's sources say that Activision plans to keep the title at launch. Eurogamer also said that its sources denied that Vanguard will take place in "an alternate timeline where 1945 wasn't the end of World War 2," as Modern Warzone reported. Instead, sources says the game will follow a more traditional WW2 setting.

Activision has already confirmed that Warzone will continue through this year's Call Of Duty.

Looks like Nazis are not going very soon.