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"Call Of Duty" new pistol making the game one-sided players are not liking it

Call of Duty: Warzone took out a new update and as we know there were leaks of a new pistol "Skylov", everyone was happy about the new pistol but when it really got introduced in game not everyone liked it because it is so overpowered. Not everyone is sold on its game-changing power, as the Sykov pistol can mow down enemies like nothing else... with the right attachments.

How to Unlock it?

Players need to kill four enemies using pistols across five different matches and it makes the game hardcore. In season 3, it will be a game-changing pistol because of its over powerness.

The best attachments for this pistol will turn this pistol into a beast in close range and may make the game one-sided (like in free fire Chrono used to do by making shields and all that types of stuff).

Best attachments

  1. Sorokin 140mm auto barrel

  2. The 5mW laser

  3. 80-round drum magazines

  4. Be sure that you may activate his beast mode by adding Akimbo for dual wielding and double the firepower.

  5. Try out Amped to ensure you're covered for when you aren't too close for comfort for the other players.

Well! players who are getting killed by this pistol then they are getting frustrated and then making them uninstall the game they may get killed by any gun but not by that pistol.

Developers need to look into this problem by changing the attributes otherwise, many players may leave the game.