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Black panther finally arrives in the game!

The newest addition to the avenger roaster has finally made its arrival. The 2020 game Marvel's Avenger has finally revealed its latest avenger member. The one and only king of Wakanda himself a.k.a The black panther

Since the passing away of marvel cinematic universe's wildly successful Black panther star Chadwick Bozeman, fans are eager to see their beloved king of Wakanda.

Marvel has finally introduced black panther in the expansion of their avenger game named as "Black Panther: War for Wakanda". This not only serves as a tribute to the late star by resembling his accent but also adds a whole new dimension to their superhero multiplayer game.

The new extension is coming in 2021 along with more Villains like Klaw, a new enemy Faction, the Wakandan Jungle Biome, a new Outpost, a Power Level cap increase, and much more. This is undoubtedly the biggest update since the launch of the game.