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Best Co-op RPG for cyberpunk?

Up to four players get run of dense cyberpunk city in The Ascent, a flashy, fun looking action RPG due this year.

The Ascent is an action RPG set in a huge cyberpunk city. You can play the whole thing solo or with three friends, for one, and the world just looks so dirty and realistic. NPCs aren't just ghostly figures. They have interaction and react to the action, hiding or running away whenever it breaks out, which can be anywhere . A cluttered, grimy kitchen full of staff erupts into gunfire, the unarmed characters runs off in every direction. The action looks good too, especially with co-op partners in mind.

Depending on what kinda gear and augments you equip and what skills you spec towards, you can deploy stuff like force fields or those wild mechanical octopus arms that fling around robots like action figures. Looks like cyberpunk is trying to get back on the bull like a cowboy