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BattleGrounds Mobile India New Policies read before playing it

Today as all we know that BattleGrounds Akka PUBG launched its teaser and as expected everyone loved it and welcomed the teaser warm-hearted. But an hour before again a post came on the FB of BattleGrounds Mobile India page about the new policies.

The new policies are really very much good, as we all know the game addicted the teen and they may go on the wrong way like suicide, murder and effect on mental health and they may end up their social life also, but the new policy is really very good they are thinking the teens, normal players and competitive players i.e., E-sports. Indirectly we may say that had listened to the complaints of players and parents and really worked on it.

As you all can see that how they have changed their policies because they know the main reason for getting banned so they worked on that area took out a solution and again came up with full force.

By this policy, we may say that teens may not get much addicted to the game and E-Sports players also won't get affected.