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Battle Builders in "Clash Of Clans"

Today Clash of Clans posted a video of builders i.e., Builders were trying to heal the nearby items in the village raid, and when came near the hut there was a turret trying to shoot nearby enemies. Finally, after 8yrs builders are getting what they really wanted.

  1. It shall be available to you when you upgrade your Townhall to 14, you unlock the ability to upgrade your Builder’s Huts.

  2. Once upgraded beyond Level 2, the Builder’s Hut will actively defend itself with a weaponized turret that shoots invading enemies.

  3. But, Builders won't attack enemy troops nor they will be attacked by the troops because of a treaty signed but yes, Poison and Freeze Spells will slow/halt him from repairing nearby buildings. Lightning Spell will cause him to reset his repair target.

  4. Builders will repair the targeted buildings once their own builder hut has been destroyed because first, they shall try to repair their own hut and then after that some other building.

  5. Builder Hut is now a Defense structure and will be targeted by units that attack Defenses such as Balloons, Hog Riders, etc.

And with the new Battle Builder, of course, we have to include a new Achievement!

Destroy weaponized Builder Huts in Multiplayer Battles

Level Target #XP Reward Gem Reward

1 25 10 10

2 250 100 30

3 2500 1000 100

About Builder Hut

  • Range: 6 Tiles

  • Damage type: Single Target

  • Targets: Ground & Air

  • Favorite target: Any

Cost, Hitpoints, Damage, DPS, RPS

LevelUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost Damage per Second Repair per Second Hit Points

2 10d 9.5M Gold 80 50 1000

3 12d 12.5M Gold 100 55 1300

4 14d 15.5M Gold 120 60 1600