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Apex legend bug doesn't allow players to make teammates!

A malicious Apex legend bug is randomly dropping players into trios, duos, and even Arena matches without any teammates when the "Fill Teammates" box is checked before matchmaking.

And players have reported facing this issue repeatedly. Respawn is aware of the issue, but they are as always sluggish about this matter is still hasn't said about fixing this issue.

Responding to a Reddit post about the bug's persistence, Respawn comms director Ryan Rigley expressed frustration that it's still popping up following planned fixes.

"God I hate this bug. We shipped some fixes with the season update that we thought would get it. Just gonna have to take another shot at it." Ryan said.

Players first started experiencing accidental solo drops not long after the "Fill Teammates" button was introduced in March's chaos theory event update. Reddit user Uncredited1's experience is similar, but does seem to happen on a cycle. "I only play trios. The first three or four games, I am alone or with one teammate. After that, I get a full squad for about five or six games. Then the cycle repeats. It fluctuates, good days and bad, but it does not seem to matter what time of day it is."

Players seems out of luck because of this bug. But on the bright side people can enhance by playing solo