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An hour of Rainbow Six Parasite footage leaked!

We saw a few seconds of leaked rainbow six parasite footage last month. Now, we've got slightly more.

The footage is nothing but tutorial, but it shows that the basics of Rainbow Six Siege gunplay and tools are present, including drones, barricades, and destructible walls, as well as six of its operators: Alibi, Lion, Vigil, Ela, Finka, and Tachanka.

The enemies are called archaeans, which in reality are single-celled organisms able to survive in extreme environments, like hydrothermal vents. In Rainbow Six Parasite, archaeans are blue-green aliens with blades for arms and heads that glow when they're alerted. At least, that seems to be the basic enemy, though there's a variety of subtypes.

Each mission is an intel-gathering expedition, with opportunities to gather tissue samples by performing stealth takedowns and planting autotrackers on alien nests. If those nests are alerted they spawn enemies as well as a black goo called biofilm that slows movement. Destroyed archaeans also spread biofilm.