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"All about "BRAWL STARS Esports" how to qualify and rules to qualify "

This article consists of how to qualify for the Brawl stars championship of "SUPERCELL". Are you the star of all the brawlers participating in this championship?

Read about the BSC 2021 Tournament stages, regional additions and timezones, prize pools and more, below!


Championship Challenge:-

The games are spread over 5 game modes (Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, Bounty, Heist & Siege) and you have to complete them all in 24 hours. You also need at least 800 trophies to play.

Everyone's stats are upgraded to Power Level 10 for the Championships only. You can use one Star Power of your choice and Gadget during this event even if you do not own them, just like a friendly game. You cannot use Brawlers that you have not unlocked yet.

After winning a match you will get star points which you may spend in the shop by purchasing boxes or skins.

Prices are like this :

  • Big Box = 500 Star Points

  • Mega Box = 1500 Star Points

  • 2 Mega Boxes = 3000 Star Points

  • Any brawler's skin = may vary from 1000-10,000 points

Please make an important note that:-

Players must be equal to or greater than 16yrs age to compete in monthly qualifiers.

Championship Challenge

2021 Dates

February Championship Challenge

February 20 - 21

March Championship Challenge

March 20 - 21

April Championship Challenge

April 17 - 18

May Championship Challenge

May 15 - 16

June Championship Challenge

June 19 - 20

July Championship Challenge

July 17 - 18

August Championship Challenge

August 21 - 22

September Championship Challenge

September 18 - 19

Online and Monthly qualifiers:-

At this stage, you will have to find at least 2 other players that have completed the 15-win challenge to play with you in a team against other teams.

Matches are played in a best-of-3 set with best-of-3 game formats.

The 8 best teams from around the world will be invited to appear in person at the Monthly Finals with cash prizes for all participants - and we’ll pay for the travel and accommodation!

The MQ will be played across two (2) days. Teams compete in Swiss-style the weekend after the CC. All matches are played in best-of-three (Bo3) with Bo3 games. Due to the Swiss-style bracket having no eliminations, Teams are encouraged to continue playing even if they’re out of contention for an MF slot since each win accumulates points to a WF slot!

Please make an important note that:

You must have a Team of three (3) or four (4) players to be allowed to compete in the MQ.

WORLD Finals:-

Win enough points at the Online Qualifiers and Monthly Finals to qualify for the Brawl Stars World Finals.

Face off against the world’s best - and show them who’s the ultimate Brawler!

BSC 2021 WF will have a minimum prize pool of $500,000 with an opportunity to increase this through in-game offers.