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"Age Of Empires IV" launching Delhi Sultanate

Good News! Indian players playing the Age Of Empires series because a video was launched and in that video, it was shown the ‘Delhi Sultanate’ civilization among other civilizations.

  1. Age of Empires IV will be launched this year on PC, Xbox Game Pass for PC, and via Steam.

  2. The gameplay of the same was recently showcased on YouTube on the official Age of Empires channel.

  3. A lot of war Elephants are also shown in the particular civilization along with forts and walls, many of which resemble the looks we have seen in forts in India.

  4. New innovations to presenting campaigns in a modern documentary style can be expected. And, if you are a multiplayer player into competitive play, there are a bunch of asymmetric civilizations the franchise hasn’t seen before.

  5. The Imperial Age for the Chinese and Mongols was also on display, showing off large keeps, and multiple-unit structures like barracks and stables. Massive units took to the field of battle, and we see trebuchets, soldiers on horseback, signal fireworks, and more.