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A gamming monitor with 390 Hz!

Acer nitro XV2 will be the gamming monitor to shatter all the charts and hit ridiculous 390Hz.

the new Acer nitro XV2 with a FreeSync Premium compatible 360Hz IPS panel that's overclockable to 390Hz—a significant upgrade from the previous Nitro, which could hit an overclocked 270Hz.

The Acer Nitro XV242Q F will have a 24.5-inch 1080p IPS panel. You're also looking at a screen with a 0.5ms G2G response time, making it one of the fastest around. The XV2 also meets the AMD FreeSync premium specification, allowing it to vary its refresh rate to match a game's framerate. It's a monitor that is designed to show you as many frames as technologically possible , so long as your GPU is up to the task.

If we avoid the tariffs direct conversion from dollar sets the price of the monitor at roughly 60k in Indian rupee.