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A game pass for all PS-5 games?

Sony working with their competitor Microsoft for a cloud gamming technology for PS-5!

Sony is working on its own cloud gaming strategy which will be "unique and only on PlayStation," according to SIE boss Jim Ryan.

Speaking to Nikkei (and translated by VGC), Ryan explained that Sony is still having conversations with Microsoft and "exchanging ideas" about cloud gaming and that "when the time is right" Sony will share its cloud gaming strategy.

“We could conceivably use the cloud for our technical infrastructure, but the cloud gaming experience we’re offering will be unique and only on PlayStation," Ryan said. The cloud Ryan is referring to is Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology that currently powers a huge number of web applications and streaming services.

“Under the memorandum of understanding signed by the parties, the two companies will explore joint development of future cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure to support their respective game and content-streaming services,” Microsoft said in a blog post announcing the partnership two years ago.

Sony utilizing Microsoft's cloud gaming knowledge, means we will get PS equivalent of X-box cloud gamming technology. Xbox Cloud Gaming is Microsoft's cloud gaming service, which initially released in beta testing in November 2019 is in now included in X-box ultimate gaming pass.

Xbox Cloud Gaming allows players to stream games to mobile devices so they can access their game library on the go which is bundled with X-box gamming pass which gives players an access to over 100 games.

When asked whether cloud gaming could affect the PS5 life cycle or whether Sony develops another PlayStation console in the future, Ryan said:

“It’s hard to answer that question right now, but history shows that sales peak in the third or fourth year. At the end of the cycle, the cloud may play some role. I’m more optimistic about the future than I was a year ago.”

“We have just released PS5, so at this point it’s time to learn how people are enjoying it, and then we’ll take the time to think about the future of PlayStation,” Ryan continued.

We may get an ultimate gamming pass from PS-5, even better than PlayStation now.