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7 Deadly Sins Expansion Announced For Hitman 3

IO Interactive has announced a new expansion for Hitman 3 called Seven Deadly Sins Expansion, themed around the capital vices of greed, lust, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.

Each mission includes a "visually distinct" contract, a sin-themed unlockable suit & at least one sin-themed object that can be used in the new contract mission as well as in missions of Hitman Trilogy.

The expansion will start with Act1: Greed from March 30th and expands as episodes become available with the new season.

Pricing hasn't been announced yet but players can buy it either in parts as the new season arrives or all seven parts as part of the season pass at a discounted price.

Act 1 comes with a new Escalation called The Greed Enumeration will be set in Dubai, a new feature that allows the player to carry items from one stage to another in Escalation, and Golden Rapacious Suit.

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